Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil by Eyestudio Review

Let's talk about my latest find. Well actually, my sister's latest find. My adorable sis gifted me two Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencils a while ago. These eyeliner pencils come in a bunch of pretty colors- Purple, Teal, Pink, Blue and a few more. I received the Teal and Blue colored Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencils as a gift.
What I like about Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencils?
1. The colors are not bright and gaudy.
2. Perfect choices for both morning and night.
3. Shimmery shades. I do love my glitter when it's not too much. ;)
4. "Cool" shades that look fabulous even in bright day light.

On using both the Blue and Teal colored Maybelline eyeliner penciles, I realized that I preferred the blue color more. That has nothing to do with the color itself but another factor.

What I dislike about Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencil- Teal color?
1. On using the blue and teal colored eyeliner pencils, I realized that the Teal colored one smudged more than the blue. My sister and niece had the same experience. The teal spread out over the eyelashes and you then end up looking like a "shiny green colored eyelash having vamp". lol. So if your looking for a really evil look, go with it. If not, don't try the teal as often as the blue. But I have to tell you, the teal color.. is stunning ;)

Stay beautiful- Mind, body and soul !  
- Rox


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