Thursday, April 29, 2010

Olay Regenerist Eye Serum, .5-Ounce Bottle Review

I came across Olay Regenerist Eye Serum at my aunt's. We were having a late lunch one afternoon and started talking about various cosmetics and brands. That is when she told me about Olay Regenerist Eye Serum. She had tried a few others but said that this was thee best. I was a skeptic at that point. She said that wrinkles near her eyes had started reducing due to Olay Regenerist Eye Serum in a matter of weeks. I told her I didn't believe her and decided to give it a try myself. I have a few fine lines near my eyes and if Olay Regenerist Eye Serum could help with that, then I would say, it is indeed a magic eye serum.

I used it for just a fortnight and I tell you, those fine lines reduced. They did not vanish, but reduced for sure. So when people have deeper lines, the serum would do a much better job.

What I like about Olay Regenerist Eye Serum?
1. It works! It works very well within a matter of  weeks.
2. It is non-drippy and doesn't get greasy.
3. It does not have any chemicals that make my eyes water with the fumes.
4. The Olay Regenerist Eye Serum does not cause any unwanted effects, even though the skin near the eyes is very sensitive and thin.

What I dislike about Olay Regenerist Eye Serum?
1. The price. It is a little on the expensive side. But it works. So I think I can overlook the price. ;)
2. The bottle is tiny. But then again, since you need to use just a drop for each eye, it is OK.

In conclusion,  Olay Regenerist Eye Serum is totally worth having. A brilliant product.

Stay beautiful- Mind, body and soul !  
- Rox

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

When to Throw Away your Makeup?

It isn't always easy to throw away makeup that has gotten old. "Oh! that lovely shade of brown lipstick. This was my favorite eye-shadow. This shade of foundation was just perfect." I know, I know. Been there, done that.

It can get very hard. But you need to remember one thing. Old makeup is not good for you and your health. Your skin and other organs will thank you for getting rid of it. You don't want to end up with allergies and other problems. So decide that you need to clear out your makeup kit frequently, and have the will-power to do it.

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Here are a few time-lines, which will help you decide when to throw away your cosmetics.

Foundation -1 year
Concealer - 1.5 years

Powder - 1.5 years
Cream Blush -1.5 years
Powder Blush - 1.5 years

Eyeliner - 1.5 years
Liquid Eyeliner - 6 months
Mascara - 3 to 6 months

Lip Gloss/Balm - 8 months
Lipstick - 1.5 years
Lip Liner - 1 year

Nail Polish - 1 to 1.5 years

When in doubt, it is better not to use. Another thing you could do is check with people who are in cosmetic departments in any cosmetic store. They will guide you for sure.

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Stay beautiful- Mind, body and soul !  
- Rox

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thee Beauty Shop Store Launch!

Hey you lovely people!
We just launched "Thee Beauty Shop Store". It is filled with all the beauty products at the best prices. From Maybelline to CK to cheaper brands. Do you want to buy a razor or an epilator? Or perhaps, skin care, nail care or hair care products? Perfums you say?

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Stay beautiful- Mind, body and soul !  
- Rox

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil by Eyestudio Review

Let's talk about my latest find. Well actually, my sister's latest find. My adorable sis gifted me two Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencils a while ago. These eyeliner pencils come in a bunch of pretty colors- Purple, Teal, Pink, Blue and a few more. I received the Teal and Blue colored Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencils as a gift.
What I like about Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencils?
1. The colors are not bright and gaudy.
2. Perfect choices for both morning and night.
3. Shimmery shades. I do love my glitter when it's not too much. ;)
4. "Cool" shades that look fabulous even in bright day light.

On using both the Blue and Teal colored Maybelline eyeliner penciles, I realized that I preferred the blue color more. That has nothing to do with the color itself but another factor.

What I dislike about Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner pencil- Teal color?
1. On using the blue and teal colored eyeliner pencils, I realized that the Teal colored one smudged more than the blue. My sister and niece had the same experience. The teal spread out over the eyelashes and you then end up looking like a "shiny green colored eyelash having vamp". lol. So if your looking for a really evil look, go with it. If not, don't try the teal as often as the blue. But I have to tell you, the teal color.. is stunning ;)

Stay beautiful- Mind, body and soul !  
- Rox
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